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from now on i will feature character designers fom all over the world 😀



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more from indonesian designers :D

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happy holiday!

sorry for the late update 😀
been busy enjoying holiday,hahahaha…. XD
hows your holiday guys?hope you enjoy the fun.
here some newest chocola customs and MCNW artwork

by anakost

by slydante

by mylittleguitar

by blkmsc18

by lahandi

MCNW artworks

by nate moore

by mhisraw

by stoveoven

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another great artworks by miksmote for MCNW
‘s artwork

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Glad to find out that some ppl have finished their custom chocola so fast and the final works are fabulous
so here they are
enjoy and start custom your own 😀

o7addict's chocola
o7addict‘s chocola

spencermann's chocola
spencermann‘s chocola
anakost's chocola
anakost‘s chocola

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